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In August of Exeter was the last cathedral in England to take on a dog whipper and so mercifully vanished another ancient occupation used to keep dogs from wandering into open churches and devouring communion wafers, or whatever. I suppose schools were the last stronghold of the whipper in a physical sense with the term whipping giving way to birching or belting and punishment confined to particular institutions.


In Scottish schools the 2-foot long piece of coiled leather known as the tawse, strap, belt, skud or Lochgelly the town where they were made continued whipping by another name and on another part of the body, except perhaps in public schools. The strap was banned in state schools in while public schools hung onto it, or a cane, for a further ten years. The ban came after years of campaigning against corporal punishment in schools.

Headteachers complained they were to be made into public whippers — turned into ogres who would be feared instead of regarded with affection and trust by their pupils. The Trades Council called on the education committee to impose a headmaster only rule as first step towards abolition of the strap in city schools and suggested parents should be forewarned when their child was due to be strapped — a view rejected as daft by at least one headteacher for drawing out the punishment.

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The parliamentary whipper-in was initially appointed to make sure enough recalcitrant members of parliament would abandon their appointments with horse racing, women and bottles of claret to ensure sufficient were available to carry on the duties of government. Without the whipper-in it was doubted parliament would meet one day in seven during the earlier 19th century.

London clubs around Westminster were often the first port of call when bodies were required to back a vote.


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The parliamentary whipper had learnt the art of subtle people-handling at the smooth and oily school. And for their great service to the state the whipper-in might expect fine reward — a plum job in a position quiet, well paid and respectable or a sturdy pension. The term caught on and was soon abbreviated to whips. Captain Edward Ramsden convicted of animal cruelty.

One whipper-in who caught my attention when researching this piece was one Captain Edward Ramsden, master of the South Durham hunt, who in was found guilty of cruelty to animals after he entered a house in pursuit of a terrified fox that had sought shelter there.

Personally I would have had him publicly whipped. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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More similar stock images. Without the impulse both to change myself and to change others, this study would neither have taken place nor been completed.

The Whip Hand

The Old Testament repeatedly recommends physical punishment of children, and many of those Biblical passages are offered the reader, lest any of us forget the exhortations that, in their sum, provided a powerful rationale for generations of parents. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. Such recommendations have inspired any number of earnest, decent parents to vigorous action, and by no means only in earlier times. Millions of men and women are quite convinced that what is urged in those passages from Proverbs, or other Biblical passages, ought to be faithfully and vigorously pursued--the strap, say, as an essential part of the moral and psychological education children receive in the course of their family life.

Of course, not everyone willing to exert physical force on a child summons a religious tradition.

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Certain schools of contemporary psychology, too, have offered support to those who would smack or paddle children. Greven sees B.

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