THE NEW 60: Outliving Yourself and Reinventing a Future

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A Los Angeles Times editorial called on the county to retain a professional mediator, but the county refused. The county refused to allow Native Americans to visit the excavated burial site to honor their ancestors unless they signed agreements to work for Sapphos. The county refused to allow descendants to visit the remains at the Natural History Museum unless they waived all claims arising from the excavations.

NPS notified the county by email on February 15, , that NPS had just learned about the uncovering of the cemetery and was withholding federal grant funds until the issue was resolved. NPS followed up with a letter on March 24, , directing the county to consult with all concerned parties to ensure historic properties were protected under section of the National Historic Preservation Act.

The project instead has devastated Americas' treasures at El Pueblo.

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The federal process nevertheless has not been a model of democratic engagement based on full and fair information. The process has been confusing, inconsistent, and incomplete. The real consultations, decision making and work takes place with federal staff. The federal staff generally has not consulted with the Native Americans and descendants of the Pobladores themselves.

Thus federal staff worked closely with the county for months, advising the county on section consultations and the NAGPRA. For example, federal staff urged the county to act quickly to prepare an inventory of excavated remains and artifacts, in time for the NAGPRA review committee meeting in November , so the public would know what the county dug up.

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The county concluded that the human remains included at least four Native Americans, although which four specifically was hard to tell. The committee nevertheless voted as follows on November 8: "In this instance, as the same treatment and disposition is agreeable to all Native and non Native parties concerned [sic],.

In apparent conflict with earlier staff recommendations for an inventory, and the review committee's decision that it had no jurisdiction, the Department of the Interior sent another NAGPRA letter to the county on January 3, , stating that the county had two years to prepare an inventory, that "repatriation of human remains and associated funerary objects cannot occur until after a Notice of Inventory Completion has been published in the Federal Register, and the notice cannot be published until the inventory has been prepared.

The excavations of the human remains was a travesty. The consultation process was haphazard. He is the publisher and founder of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. His genealogical website includes about 30, individuals with certain branches going back to biblical times.

After completing his doctorate in mathematics at MIT, Loeb moved to France where he taught mathematics and computer science at the University of Bordeaux. In , he returned to the United States where he works in statistical arbitrage for Susquehanna International Group.

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His earliest articles for the Philadelphia Jewish Voice can be found at this link. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Younger men and women need to know that we do not have a "shelf life," that passing 40 and 50 and 60 is not the end of our lives but an ongoing challenge and opportunity to enjoy the benefits of having access to decades of experience and, hopefully, at least a little wisdom. I began The New 60 almost two years ago, when I was turning I wrote the column, now a book, in order to explore my personal and professional relationship with aging, agism, surviving AIDS, and outliving myself.

It developed into a look at how to live openly and vitally at The New 60 examines struggle, complaint, doubt, and prejudice, external and internalized.

source It also celebrates resilience, earned wisdom, and embracing continued sexual pleasure as we enhance the present with mindfulness and laughter -- creating a possible future that is worth sticking around for. Not everyone is having a great time at I know that.

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  • Living the Impossible Dream.

However, that many of us are thriving, enjoying our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, seemed to be something of a secret -- a dangerous secret, because it propagates internalized agism, a turning against oneself by buying into the bigotry in the culture at large. My perspective is heightened by having faced my own mortality in my 30s and 40s -- and surviving. I am truly fortunate.

Not many of us went all the way to AIDS and came back without damage.