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Hope had past issues to overcome and Raymond need to open his eyes to see Hope is the one for him. Will the two finally meet and realize they are destine for each other?

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Nov 19, Melissa added it. Amazing book! I would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy romance, passion, and two strong characters. Apr 21, Iasia rated it it was amazing. Sharon Roland rated it really liked it Mar 15, J Hall rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Crystal Cummings rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Jeanette Rhone rated it really liked it Apr 15, Kiesha Richmond rated it really liked it Aug 13, Diszy rated it really liked it Jan 27, Myrlita Clark rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Traci rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Rina rated it really liked it Feb 25, Kreative rated it it was ok Apr 02, Jennifer Commodore rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Christina Brooks rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Patsy rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Brittany Davis rated it really liked it Oct 06, KiKi rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Crystal rated it really liked it Nov 28, Kay rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Louise rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Dee Matthews rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Wanda Howell-thompson rated it liked it Oct 08, Quiet Storm rated it liked it Mar 29, Tamika Smith rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Paulette Nunlee rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Tonya Lee rated it really liked it Oct 01, Jackie Paynes rated it really liked it Mar 06, About Celeste O.

Celeste O. National best-selling author, Celeste O.

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Norfleet, was a late bloomer to romance. But as soon as she picked up her first romance novel, she was hooked. An art director and graphic designer for many years, Celeste now devotes all of her time to writing and creating romance letting her artistic National best-selling author, Celeste O. An art director and graphic designer for many years, Celeste now devotes all of her time to writing and creating romance letting her artistic imagination flow through the computer keys.

Her romance novels, realistic with a touch of humor, depict strong sexy characters with unpredictable plots and exciting storylines. Her young adult novels delve into dramatic fiction, reflecting current issues facing African-American teens. While having his wisdom tooth pulled, Rob fantasizes himself and the entire cast in an extended western spoof.

A fondly remembered episode that tackles the passing fancy of rock and roll dance crazes.

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Richard Dawson stars as a randy British entertainer filling in for a vacationing Alan Brady. That would be enough for most sitcoms, but this Carl Reiner-penned episode goes a little deeper to have a little sympathy for the devil. A fun moment occurs early on when the audience catches Van Dyke in a flub: Rob calls a radio station, then realizes he forgot to look up the number and then consults the phone book.

Richard Deacon rises to the occasion of the only Mel-centric episode.

Book 3, Chapter 1: Another Thing Needful (Part 20)

Then things take a dark turn when Blackie engages Rob in a game of pool. Effective editing heightens the tension. As in the movie Charade , the clues are in plain sight.

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Highlight: Laura coming upon Rob rubbing a lamp found in the desk and playing genie. His audition to appear on The Alan Brady Show sets the stage for one of those great Petrie house parties where the cast entertains.

The second part is an ensemble show in which the cast performs at the prison where Lyle is a trustee. He, of course, thinks Laura is flirting with a complete stranger. Rob and Laura gird themselves for a showdown with the parents of the boy who has been teaching Ritchie naughty words. Sitting in on a magazine interview for a cover story about Alan Brady, Laura gushes about Rob, leading to an article in which he is mentioned 11 times more than Alan. Pretty funny, indeed. This episode is shameless in hooking the audience via misdirection as Rob initially thinks Laura is having an affair.

This, of course, turns into an accidental marriage proposal. The second part more predictably trumps up a fight between the couple when they need to get remarried. In this season two episode the dynamic between Rob and Laura is still being fleshed out. The finish is disappointing, but until then, Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally are afforded ripe opportunities to display various shades of cowardice when they arrive at a sold out resort and are roomed together in a supposedly haunted cabin.

She thinks so. Ann Morgan Guilbert makes her debut as neighbor and best friend Millie Helper. Then Rob thought Buddy was having an affair with a married woman. This episode encourages the thought that Buddy and Sally are having an affair. Among the funny responses, one is seriously romantic and Rob conspires with Parsons to surprise Sally on the show. They initially see him as an interloper when he is hired as a head writer over the show business veterans.

Cowardly Buddy is always fun and he makes a good sidekick for Rob as they ultimately track the UFO to an upstairs office.

A rarity: Mel gets the last laugh. Classic scenes includes Rob ready to rush to the hospital at the drop of an alarm clock and Rob being caught with his pants down when the call to go to the hospital finally comes. John McGiver steals his scene as the publisher. Lennie Weinrib gets the last laugh with Alvy Moore getting the assist. This pivotal episode further marks the transition of Laura Petrie from sensible wife to nut.

You lost a wife and gained a roommate. The last five minutes dispense with the jokes for a heart-to-heart between Rob and the heartbroken Ritchie about real love vs. Ritchie is embarrassed about what Rob does for a living, but changes his tune when Rob regales the class with an impromptu master class in slapstick. A delight all around. At the party, Sally does her Jimmy Durante imitation, Buddy tells jokes, and Rob does great physical shtick.

Laura remains on the sidelines. This looks to be an actual broadcast of a holiday special featuring the core cast. Your Show of Shows alumnus Howard Morris, as an art appraiser, explains it all for you. After three seasons, Carl Reiner is for the first time full-frontal Alan Brady and turning up the egomaniacal taskmaster up to Rob gets a reluctant Alan to host a documentary about comedy and is driven crazy in the process, exacerbated by Millie, who writes 14 fan letters for the show that is then pre-empted. The exchange in which Rob learns from Laura and Millie of the errant letters is gold.

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First frame to last, a great episode, with a pie-in-the-face finish. The first half is a solo showcase for an increasingly stir-crazy Rob trying to find company while Laura is out of town; the second is his ill-fated visit to an old army buddy performing at a dive nightclub. Van Dyke earns his biggest laughs just reacting to the colorful characters and increasing craziness around him. A classic. Rob recalls being roped in to direct the local community variety show. At last I have arromed from rive.

A complicated practical joke or a nightmare? We know something is amiss when Buddy Sorrell and Mel Cooley embrace each other as pals. Laura body surfing on a closet cascade of walnuts will haunt you the rest of your days. In a good way.

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A second honeymoon turns into craziness when Laura gets her big toe stuck in the hotel bathtub spigot. Palpably romantic and riotous, this situation affords Van Dyke the ripe opportunities to at once channel his inner David Niven and to bang futilely on the locked bathroom door. Moore reportedly complained to Reiner that she was offstage for most of the episode.