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Brian Griffin: Wow, a song named after a girl. There aren't a million of those already.

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Stewie Griffin: Name twenty! Stewie Griffin: Name six more! Stewie Griffin: Name five more!

Guess the 60's song

Like 2 Reply Delete. Thanks for the chuckle.

Who Sang That Song?

Dicazi 11 months ago. Several were guesses.

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Sweet Jane? Barry22 11 months ago. Not bad, MeTV, not bad.

Top 20 70's Love Songs - 70s Music Song List

MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago. Bret 11 months ago. Better than I expected. Born in late '60s and I didn't grow up with rock and pop. Missed the Ramones, and I was a fan! But one song title is wrong here. Like 3 Reply Delete. I missed that mistake Well it's 19 hours later and they haven't fixed yet charles. Just like you I would have bet that they would have.

Can you name these TV theme songs from the 1970s?

And she's right I checked it. Match the tagline to the film in this multiple-choice challenge. Advertising has engrained branded products such as beer, fast food and candy into the brains of consumers since the beginnings of the spoken word.

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May Cheryl K. Donald Trump. This list of his Top 10 musical moments from the Seventies, the decade that paved the way for his remarkable ascent to megastardom, shows how Michael Jackson evolved from the new Frankie Lymon to a disco demon, a sensitive torch singer, a dramatic romantic obsessive, and, later, a world healer.

“Haven’t You Heard”

If you ever want to hear the direct connection between Michael's legacy and those of his stylistic forebears, just take a listen to this stunner, a cover of an earlier Smokey and the Miracles song that was, astonishingly, relegated to a b-side behind "I Want You Back. But this, the third single in the Corporation's string of Jackson 5 hits and also the third to employ the same formula, actually improves upon the first two -- it's simply more assured, both in the groove and in Michael's delivery.

This is the sound of the youngest of the original 5 taking control of his instrument once and for all.

And go back and look at that second verse closely: it's a neat little historical name-dropper worthy of Cole Porter. It's been well-remarked upon that Michael possessed a vocal maturity far and above his years, the kind that would let him tackle almost any song and deliver it convincingly.

But this hit off of Maybe Tomorrow , written by someone more than twice his age, is on another level of existence entirely -- any tween understands loss and longing, but romantic and sexual obsession? Especially for a kid who wasn't dating? Where does such a thing come from?