Midnight in Aisle Seven: Sometimes God Introduces Himself Outside the Church Walls

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But turn around and look the other way. There is coming a day of light when the Sun of Righteousness will arise. Like the Forerunner, of whom he prophesies, he was but a voice. Malachi bears the same relation to Nehemiah that Haggai and Zechariah bear to Zerubbabel.

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He lived either at the time of Nehemiah or directly after, for he rebukes the very same sins among the people that Nehemiah dealt with on his second visit to Jerusalem:—. Eliashib the priest was allied unto Tobiah the Ammonite, and had allowed him the use of a great chamber in the courts of the House of God.

His book is marked by its straightforward, plain words of rebuke, by which he brings home their sins to a self-satisfied people, who had a form of godliness, but were denying the power thereof. Malachi describes the coming of Christ to His Temple. He came as a little babe to the expectant gaze of Simeon and Anna. He came to overturn the tables of the money-changers. He comes to the temple of our hearts. His coming is as purifying fire Mal With the patience of the Refiner of silver He sits till He sees His own image reflected in the molten metal. This book contains the secret of spiritual blessing.

We are to bring Him our whole selves, body, soul and spirit, all that we have and all that we are, all that we know about in our lives and all that we do not know about yet cp Ro note. If we thus honestly keep nothing back from Him we may be certain that He will accept us Ed: Note however that our "bringing" does not earn His acceptance for by grace through faith we are accepted in the Beloved - Eph KJV and will open the windows of heaven, and pour us out such a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it, but it shall flow out to all around.

Amidst all the hypocrisy and formalism there was a little remnant who feared the Lord. His ear was bent down to hear them as they spoke together of Him. He promised that they should be His own special treasure in the coming Day of the Lord. A T Pierson.

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It began because somebody was murdered. When the dishes stopped rattling in the cupboard, an uneasy silence followed, broken at length by the son. I know now! It is not news that American families are fracturing at an alarming rate. Only 34 percent of all children born in America will live with both biological parents through age eighteen.

Sometimes God Introduces Himself Outside the Church Walls

Seventy percent of African-American babies and 19 percent of white babies in the United States are born out of wedlock. Most will never know their fathers, let alone experience their love source, James Dobson newsletter, March, Malachi was the last of the Old Testament prophets. After him, there was no fresh word from the Lord for four long centuries, until John the Baptist began preaching in the wilderness.

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  • In His parting shot, God speaks to His people about reconciled families. It is not a minor subject: God indicates that the only alternative to reconciled families is His curse upon the land! Our families are the building blocks of our churches and of our entire society. If our families fracture en masse, we will have a fractured nation. Note: This resource is listed because it has numerous commentary notes that relate to the OT Prophetic Books. James Rosscup writes "This work supplies much help on matters of the text, word meaning, resolving some problems, etc.

    Some have found it one of the most contributive sources in getting at what a text means. Malachi 1 Critical Notes. Malachi 2 Critical Notes. Malachi 3 Critical Notes. Malachi 4 Critical Notes. Note : JFB is one of the more literal, conservative older commentaries prior to Sample excerpt of eschatological prophetic, apocalyptic passage Zechariah - " gather all nations, etc. If Antichrist be the leader of the nations, it seems inconsistent with the statement that he will at this time be sitting in the temple as God at Jerusalem 2Thessalonians ; thus Antichrist outside would be made to besiege Antichrist within the city.

    But difficulties do not set aside revelations: the event will clear up seeming difficulties Ed : Interesting statement! Compare the complicated movements, Daniel Temporal blessings and spiritual prosperity shall go together in the millennium: long life Isaiah , peace Isaiah , honor Isaiah , righteous government Isaiah ; Isaiah Rosscup - This is the best older, overall treatment of a critical nature on the Old Testament Hebrew text verse by verse and is a good standard work to buy.

    The student can buy parts or the whole of this series. Sometimes it is evangelical, at other times liberal ideas enter… In prophecy it is amillennial. Galeotti - The outstanding example of the technical-textual commentary of the OT is the series by C.


    Keil and F. Their commentary is the standard in the field of OT commentaries and a classic in its own right. Though dated, it still serves as the primary measure by which all other works are judged.


    Keil's volume on The Twelve Minor Prophets is conservative in scope and serves as a scholarly foundation upon which any in-depth study of Malachi is to be made. Rosscup : Here is an evangelical commentary well-done in pp. Introductions gather much that is most pertinent for expositors. Merrill sees Zech. Problem passages usually draw careful remarks, as in seeing Zech as referring to the Lord, and in a future day.

    The Theological Journal Library on galaxie. Click the following links to search by topic, author , or bible reference. Malachi - Living Messages. But that might be reading too much human emotion into Him. I think He loves us in ways that we might not even recognize as love.

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    Excerpt : What's the big idea? By the time of Malachi, they had been back in the land for more than a hundred years and were looking for the blessings they expected to receive when they returned. Though the temple had been rebuilt, the fervor of those early returning Israelites gave way to a thorough apathy for the things of God.

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    This led to rampant corruption among the priesthood and a spiritual lethargy among the people. Malachi came along at a time when the people were struggling to believe that God loved them Malachi The people focused on their unfortunate circumstances and refused to account for their own sinful deeds. So God pointed the finger back at them, and through Malachi, God told the people where they had fallen short of their covenant with Him. If they hoped to see changes, they needed to take responsibility for their own actions and serve God faithfully according to the promise their fathers had made to God on Mount Sinai all those years before.

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    Each time, Israel would fail again, prompting the cycle to begin again. Do you struggle to follow God consistently? The phrase translated "in his wings" also carries the idea of "corners" or an "outer edge. Do you see it? Cavett Robert, author and professional speaker, writes, "Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution, long after the excitement of the moment has passed.