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Why are you blubbering? Through plexiglass. In short. One of my biggest RAGE buttons when I'm reading is anything that involves cheating, the appearance of cheating, ex-lovers, wives, etc. I already knew what was going on, so I wasn't able to recapture the absolute misery I went through on the first pass, and am therefore unable to adequately describe it for you.

But I'm still determined to try. It was physically painful to read this book, which brings me to my second issue: 2. I'm not sure how I feel about Kate and Curran being so perfect for each other based on their "sameness," which makes them capable of understanding the horrible things they put each other through. I'm fine with the creatures that were ultimately the Big Bad in this installment excluding Hugh, of course , and I even thought Doolittle's walkthrough that first insinuated the statues were an allegory was really cool.

The astanay was awesome. Loved that guy. The monster eel was fine, too.

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But weredolphins? I get that there's mythology to support their existence, but it's just so cornball. It pushed me over the hey-that's-a-really-cool-mythical-creature line and into the realm of that's-just-silly. This was still a good book. I just hate that it was necessary for Curran to do what he did, and I'm not sure I'll be able to love Kate and Curran the same way as a couple after this.

And I don't want to taco 'bout it. View all 29 comments. Nov 01, Adina rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy-pr. It helped me 1 year ago when I binged read the first 5 volumes in the series and I have the feeling it helped now as well. I needed fast paced, engaging adventure to absorb me completely and compel me to open the kindle whenever I got the chance. Kate is my favorite UF heroine, smart, witty, kick ass and funny.

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I enjoyed that the setting in this volume shifts to Europe, more exactly to Georgia, a country I do not know to 3. I enjoyed that the setting in this volume shifts to Europe, more exactly to Georgia, a country I do not know too much.

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I always appreciate about the Andrews team that they introduce the reader to different mythologies in each book and I am never bored by the world building or the characters, old or new. Although I had so much fun reading Magic Rises, I gave it only 3. If you like urban Fantasy do yourself a favor and read this series. View all 4 comments.

May 09, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing.

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Is it too early to post this? But it was so damn good. Here is the review: Ilona Andrews is the gold standard for urban fantasy. This book made me laugh and it made me ache. It kept me glued to the page. And after six installments, Kate Daniels is every bit as engaging as ever You get to a point in almost every series where the gang takes a road trip --and this is that book.

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Andrea, Rafael, and even Saiman. So I didn't feel like we were leaving much behind. The basic conflict pits Kate and the gang against other shapeshifting factions and a surprise Big Bad, but for me, this book is more of an examination of the ties Kate has to her own Pack and whether they'll stand against the external pressure. Basically, there are some European Packs who have access to a special blend of herbs that can stop a shifter from going loup. But they will only give it to Curran if he can protect a pregnant wolf princess long enough for her to deliver her babies.

He knows it's some kind of trap, but the reward is too great to pass up, so he loads up most of his best people and sets sail for the Black Sea. In the ever expanding Kate-verse, I was worried that all of the new characters would be overwhelming or confusing. They weren't. I thought the plot was constructed very well, and though there were twists, turns, and surprises, I never found it cumbersome. The dialogue is snappy and funny.

Magic Rises

And ultimately, the story advances the overall series arc quite well. I say all this, but when you finish reading the book, the only thing you'll be thinking about will be emotional roller coaster we go through with Kate and Curran. I'm always a bit wary of long running series with a single love interest. I worry that they'll get boring; they'll lose their spark and I'll stop caring.

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That is most definitely not the case here. We've got Trouble with a capital T. And the thing is, despite everything these two have gone through to get together, the conflict is very real. It was hard to read at times, because I have grown to love Kate and it hurts to see her hurt. I'm not going to tell you what happens or how it all ends up, but I will say that I was riveted and --by the time it was all said and done-- emotionally spent. Plus, there was a view spoiler [pretty significant death that I didn't see coming. And it has me really amped up for the confrontations that lie ahead.

The next book can't come soon enough. No one can say Kate and Curran are boring now that they are mated.

Magic rises

I need a cookie or something. View all 37 comments.

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View all 10 comments. First read July , rating 4 stars Second read May , rating 3 stars I'm having such a hard time reviewing this book.

Magic Rises ( Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews Audiobook Full 2/2

Maybe the hardest. I'm so sorry I have to lower my rating, but this book didn't make me feel good at all. This reread made me dislike Curran more than I already did. Some things are just unacceptable.

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels Book 6) by Ilona Andrews

Review contains spoilers and it is not recommended to Curran's fans. If you think he's the ultimate Alpha male and perfect for Kate, please do not proceed reading this. Since this First read July , rating 4 stars Second read May , rating 3 stars I'm having such a hard time reviewing this book.

Since this is my second read, I'll be concentrated only in Curran and Kate's relationship. In all the previous reviews I've written about KD series, I'm always sceptical and doubtful about Curran's intentions toward Kate.