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Think, ask, engage, participate. Googling for 2 days straight I was able to find out about at least four other reasons that my hair is suddenly falling out instead of it being the fault of a medication that my doctor prescribed as was initially suspected could be a very rare reaction. Some of this information was published by pharmaceutical companies as a result of research conducted through officially recorded side effects reported to them over time. Some info came from patient information on specific drugs published by pharmaceutical companies, and this kind of info is strictly regulated — it is not invented by google.

If you look for the right kind of corroborating information, it can be useful. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I had a foot, and I wanted to know the names of its bones. I was getting what I had always been told to go after but had never been confident that I deserved. I learned that The Doctor loved volunteering.

He loved giving back. He was a big feminist. And I agreed. Men and women should be equal. I watched when The Doctor shared his expertise with sick friends and injured strangers. The feeling this inspired in me was similar to the sublime ecstasy described by people who claim to have encountered angels. I was delighted by his abundance of lifesaving knowledge, how he could always spare it, like it was nothing. He was delighted by my delight. The Doctor read some of my writing.

I bet your testicular exams are even better than my testicular exams, I thought.

The Doctor Who Transcripts - The Web of Fear

I was glad he noticed me. And he did notice me. Yes, you should get the flu shot, he affirmed. I asked for more and more. Free information! Round-the-clock access to lifesaving skills! I also, sometimes, feared his knowledge. It was eerie that The Doctor knew more about my body from studying it than I did from living inside it.

He, not I, was the expert on my cervix, though he would never say that. He knew more than I did about my birth control method, and my eyeglass prescription, and my headaches. Could he spot what was wrong or rotten in me just by looking? Did he keep secrets from me about myself? I had a body. He knew the names of all the parts and why they worked.

Put away your phone!

It's gone. It's disappeared! Look, you must let me have the Yeti back, Julius. Oh, make him understand, Anne. I buy the Yeti off you thirty years ago, and now it is valuable. You try to scare me, take your Yeti back. You want to rob me.

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It's priceless. The only one in the world, and it is mine. ANNE: Father! Out of my house. ANNE: Father, look, perhaps you've made a mistake. You've put the sphere away somewhere in your laboratory and forgotten it. You've done it before, you know. ANNE: Well, let's go home and look again, shall we? You know what you're like. Then we'll go home and we'll look for the sphere. But I warned you, Julius, I warned you. Take him away! Nobody destroys Julius Silverstein's collection. The Yeti's mine. You can't scare me with your mad stories.

Out, out, out! They leave the room. A silver sphere hovers in a window, beeping to itself. It drops out of sight as Silverstein returns to blow out the candles that illuminate his private collection.

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What Your Doctor’s Really Thinking (But Won’t Say to Your Face)

Then suddenly the sphere smashes through the windowpane. Silverstein goes to investigate.

Travers, is that you? I am not frightened by your stupid tricks. I know it's you, I'm not a fool! Silverstein comes round the corner and hears the beeping. The Yeti's eyes light up and it attacks the little old German Jew. It was flashing.

A Doctor’s Guide to a Good Appointment

The Doctor is eating a sandwich. So how could it have done? All I know is that thing came on. Now I've not taken to seeing things. At least I don't think I have.

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Victoria enters in a new Pocahontas style mini-dress, with her hair in plaits. I think it looks very sophisticated, don't you? Go on, Jamie. Don't you? Now look, I'm not daft you know, Doctor. Are you two playing some sort of game? Told you so.

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The Tardis dematerialises. The scanner, that will tell us. What does it mean? Something strange has happened. We're suspended in space Not just suspended, but being rapidly covered in cobwebs. I was right. It is all working. The view is being covered by cobwebs. But something or someone is holding us here.

An army corporal is talking into a telephone. LANE: Hello? Another soldier, in fatigues, enters. There's a darts board on the wall. The interview is being put onto audio tape by a smarmy man in a bow-tie. There's no doubt about that. He gave his life for his country, and I was proud to serve under him. Is that all right? Sterling stuff! You talk in pure quotes, old boy.