Beltway Bub: Tripping on Truth in the 1960s & 70s

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Why on September 12th did we not realize that we were giving all this money to our enemy? I have a feeling that, if on September 12th we said, "hey we gotta go get these guys that did this to us but we also need to stop giving all this money to them as well. Imagine if we had started on the road to energy independence back in Its obvious that this whole drill drill drill thing is just a ploy because if it wasn't there would have been a cry for it 7 years ago when the terrorism issue was at the forefront.

The drilling issue is a political vice They underestimate the influence that power has on them. Trying to unilaterally fight "islamic terrorists" overseas is counterproductive- the presence of the "great satan" will always motivate more islamic youths to rise against us- and make it impossible for arab and islamic moderates to work with the US without being seen as traitors. If force is truly needed, a multi-national force that includes moderate arabs and muslims could do the job- and would take away one of the primary motivations for young people becoming radicalized.

Certainly, compromises that will allow a peaceful coexistence between Israel and an independent Palistinian sp? But, the US presence only pours gasoline on the fire. They got commercials tearing up republicans, with shit like, you don't want a george bush type republican in office like dino rossi.

THey will go back and forth saying, you voted to raise gas taxes and then they will come back saying, I wasn't in office and it was you who voted for higher gas prices. Why can't everyone just be real, Id fucking vote for they guy, who says, "look, I don't want to raise gas taxes and I hate the fucking war, it's bullshit. DJMark PM - 19 August, I'm glad there are some informed people here willing to spend the time refuting the willful ignorance or parroted propaganda that's mindlessly spouted by a couple people. To sum up the "Offshore Oil Drilling 'issue'": It's nothing more than a politically-motivated distraction, sponsored by cash-rich oil companies who would be eager for the extra work and subsidies.

Even if the offshore oil-drilling could be magically started at full capacity TODAY, it would do nearly nothing about the United States' dependence on "foreign" oil.

That is why the money would be far better spent on developing alternative non-oil-related technologies. It's a question of: spending ultimately wasted funds on technologies of the past, or investing in a real future. It's especially useful when writing essays. Maybe not, I guess. But I'm amazed he hasn't been held accountable, and fails to admit neglect as far as I know.

Think that's got any effect on the economy? They saw this oil crunch coming. Went to war with Iraq thinking they would fix the Middle East, take control of their oil, become America's greatest hero's, and get even richer doing it. Sounds great. Then, they had no plan, didn't listen to anyone, the whole thing went to shit and now we are all paying for it. We got what we asked for. What did you expect from a crook and a retard that couldn't even successfully own a baseball team. This whole off-shore drilling thing is obviously their last minute attempt to fuck us all again.

You know, like when your child molesting uncle come and visits the fam, just before he's off to prison for life. And McCain's dumb fucking, out of touch "ebay created 3 million jobs" attitude is going to give Bush and his constituency exactly what they want. Even after they're out of office. Who's the puppet? Bullshit like tire gauges are just devices to distract the stupid from whats really going on. All it takes is a couple of hundred people properly framed on camera and boom, there's a bandwagon and the sheep fall right in line.

I bet you are a Christian. By the way, say what you want about Obama, but McCain is waaaaaaaay to fuckin old to know what matters to you and me. He is from a different time and place. There's a reason people retire.

Especially from extremely high stress jobs like the president. You ever notice how presidents go into office looking young and leave looking old and worn out. That fucker's got nowhere to go but in the ground. Putting it down right now, if McCain wins he's dead before the end of his term. I'm just saying, there's two things you should not be doing at 72, driving and being president.

I'm done.

I know I've talked and talked about my time in Iraq and how I'd go back, but thats a soldiers side, working with the people and seeing the affects of this war in a face to face matter. Everyone has their idea of the hidden agenda to invade Iraq, but nobody really knows why. Its soooo darkly covered and we dont really have anything to go by. Could it of been for the services provided by Halliburton, contracted through the government to make life in Iraq a little less hasty and more comfortable for soldiers? With Halliburton making millions upon millions thru their contract?

Are they really building a pipe line behind closed doors? But here is the big kicker. We invaded and occupied with , soldiers. We held off the Iraqi offense in Kuwait 10 years prior with over a half a million soldiers. General Shinseki the man who made those great Strykers possible in our military advised that it would take upwards of , soldiers to effectivly invade, occupy, and rebuild Iraq.

The cover-up continues

If we had brought the right amount of soldiers, and acted as a police to rioters and theives, we could of possibly pulled out after 2 years. We brought , soldiers, invaded, overthrew the government, and then sat back and let the country deteriorate, while cutting off their military and blacklisting them so they couldnt get work. See what I'm saying? These people in Iraq of course was furios. It seems that from the very beginning, we took the approach that would prolong this war as long as possible.

beltway bub tripping on truth in the s 70s Manual

Thats the question we should all be asking. Not, why are we still there, when are we leaving, ect ect Why did we take the approach that would extend this war as long as possible. Would there of been resistance even if we did everything right? But with the right man power, and being right to the Iraqi people from the get go would of changed the outcome.

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After Saddam was overthrown, we pretty much said "Fuck you guys Soldiers were able to walk around the cities with no gear, eating at local shops with the people Even now we could do it with a large surge of our military power sending over another , soldiers for 8 months. We didn't fail at the mission at hand, we succeeded. To stay in Iraq as long as possible.

The question is Whats really going on that nobody really seems to know about? I'm sure they knew what would happen. Iraq isnt the first time we've recognized suicide bombers in the middle east. Something we'd never think to happen. But if they did have a plan to fail- that would be treasonous.